What's this?

Live streaming, news feeds and stay connected with just the people you know and trust. Only page titles with a tail are searchable. Only those who know the title of your page can find it and see it. Stay connected to each other's page even if the page titles are changed and are not searchable. Add info to your page and allow responses. Edit your info and responses.

Is it public?

Only page titles with tails are searchable, anybody who knows your page title can see your page.

What about porn?

No porn allowed...

What about illegal stuff?

This website cooperates with local & international law enforcement agencies.

What about copyright?

Any copyrighted material with no permission or proof of ownership will be removed. Any material in violation of copyright laws will be removed upon request by rightful owner with proof of ownership.

Does the website use flash technology?

No, flash is discontinued, phased out in 2020 and will no longer be supported by browsers due to performance, obsolescence and security issues.

News Feeds...

All feeds are NOT CACHED and are pulled directly from the RSS sources. This may take some time but all feeds are up to date after the page loads. Requires signup.

Can the streaming be downloaded?

No it can not, streaming has security measures in place.

What about security?

Security is the top priority in the development and maintenance of this website. Streaming is secure but as a precaution avoid using private or personal information.


You can shelve News feeds and Section. Requires signup.

Recommended Browser...

Google's Chrome.